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ElfGrove @ Deviant Art

My space on the DeviantArt community.

Origami Pocky

My randomly-updated blog on current events from the perspective of an female geek.


A new joint web comic project between ElfGrove studio(writer) and Organized Chaos(artist).

It was kept hidden from most of the world, in the beginning. It started in Ireland, Scotland, and Great Britain. Rural towns, the ones built near mystical places like Stonehenge, or the lesser known “Faerie mounds” suddenly found technology failing. Electricity went out. Phone lines died. Cars wouldn’t start. Satellites, cellular phones, cameras, videos, television signals... nothing but static.

And as everything failed, then there was no word at all. People didn’t travel in or out of affected areas. Cars would simply stop working. The onboard computers of planes and helicopters would start failing inexplicably, giving wrong readings or shutting off completely, forcing the pilots to turn back. People who ventured in on foot or by horse never returned. And the effect spread. Overtaking larger cities. Until, finally, all three countries were lost.

And then, THEY came, riding out of the mists... The Fae hade come out from "Underhill". Once, the Children of Danu had been the gods of Man. They meant to be so again.

Three years later, the only free parts of the world are Austrailia, Brazil, and about half of the United States.

6 Lefts
Six Lefts

A joint web comic project with Micarei.
On Hold
They were just trying to attend college. Then Betty got bored... And decided to try the magical girl bit. Except, Betty doesn't want to miss her soaps, and can't stick to a genre. Pop culture references, Anime parody, bad jokes, and general craziness ensue.

Coming of the New Days

On Hold
Lesley & Kira always joked that there was a connection between the disappearnce of thier parents when they were young. They were more right than they could've imagined.

Pirate Kittens
Pirate Kittens

A short-lived gag strip done by myself and several of my dearest college friends right after graduation.

Adventures in AU
Adventures in Auburn University

A series of humorous comics drawn and written by myself and my friends throughout my college years.

24 Hour Comics Day

An annual challenge to write and draw a 24 page comic in 24 hours straight.

2006 - Finding Joy(Arafel)
October 7th, 2006