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Various useful pieces of information and little notes to help you understand and enjoy LotF. If you have any questions, or can think of anything that should appear here, let me know via e-mail.
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Bracketed Text

Frequently in the comic, you will see a character's dialogue bracketed by various symbols. This is an indication the character is speaking a language other than English. With non-humans and eventually foreigners running around, we are bound to deal with multiple languages, so you can always come here to see which language the characters are speaking.

Language Index:
< text text text > The angle brackets indicate the use of the most formal Sidhe language, usually referred to as "Noble Speech" or the "High Tongue". Typically only people from Noble bloodlines, the High Council, or ambassadors speak this. But many who have to deal with the High Council or Nobles on a regular basis also speak it.
// text text text // The double slash brackets indicate the use of the most universal Sidhe language, also referred to as "Sidhe Common" or the "Trade Tongue". This is used by every race in Re'em, and most spirits and magical critters on Earth.
* text text text * The asterisk brackets indicate the use of the Moon Race's language. This language is only known and used by the people of the Moon Race or those with very close ties to the Moon Race. Any ambassadors would still use either Sidhe Common or the High Tongue.

You will also see a few words from other languages such as Gaelic thrown into the dialogue. These will only be very basic things like greetings or nouns. I imagine that Sidhe Common is something very close to Gaelic. Thusly I use a lot of Gaelic and Welsh words to name titles, affiliations, and other nouns for Sidhe, under the assumption that the full Sidhe meaning does not translate properly to English. In almost every instance, you can Google these words for the meaning.

Font Notes

I use two fonts [for the most part] throughout the comic. This is to help distinguish between spoken words and thought. The fonts used for sound effects vary greatly, but I think that will be obvious enough.

For spoken words I typically use the "Century Gothic" font (In the past, I used "Comic Sans"). I typically put any dialogue in varying colors to indicate which character is speaking. For Example, Storm is usually a Dark Blue font, Undine a medium green, Dercesthai in purple, etc.

I use the "Flat Brush" font to indicate unspoken thought. This also tends to be color-coded to the speaker, but it sometimes it has to be black or white to make it visible against the panel background. Thought dialogue typically does not get put into speech balloons.

The fonts are pretty common, and look different enough from each other that there shouldn't be any issues.

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